With a better understanding of the market and customers in the American and European region, our talented and creative design team will work alongside you to achieve business success.

Customized Water Bottles At Your Fingertips

a sales is writing down client's requirement from his email

Send Your Design/Idea

From raw materials, colors, shapes, sizes to logo and packaging, you are given free choices to customize your own products.

Talk with us and let us know your idea so that we can fully understand your need. And we will get back to you soon with professional solution to meet your requirement.

At Beluga, our customers have a say in colors, shapes, cap types and more details of water bottles freely.

our designer turns client's idea into a design drawing

Confirm 3D Drawing & Logo Design

Based on fully understanding of your ideas or thorough study of your drawing, our designers will provide 3D drawings to deliver a clear image of the bottle you wanted as well as logo design to highlight your brand.

We print 3D model to give clients a clear presentation

3D Printing & Quotation

With the support of 3D printing, we drive accuracy and consistency in our water bottle design process. By doing so, you can know what the practical product will look like as clear as possible, which allows you to develop ideas, analyze feasibility and performance before moving to the next stage of mold design.

That will help you avoid any cost caused by mistakes in mold design and making.

We customize your water bottle design qucikly

04 Mode Design & Sample Confirm

Upon your approval of 3D printing and quotation, we will arrange precision mold design and making to make sure every design is achievable.

We will not arrange mass production unless the sample meets with your needs perfectly and has been confirmed.

In-house Mass Production

Raw Material Preparation

We will prepare all raw materials before hand to ensure mass production goes on wheels.

Well prepared plastic resin in stock

Bottle Body Blow Molding

Through an automatic blow molding line, the plastic material will be formed into different shapes as designed.

a worker is operating the machine to blow bottle body

Bottle Cap Injection Molding

At the time we manufacture bottle bodies, caps of all sizes and shapes will be formed by injection molding to match them.

a male worker is injecting the caps of water bottles


When all parts are finished, they will be assembled together to deliver a customized product.

a production line of water bottle assembing at our factory

Logo Printing

After assembly, each water bottle will be printed with your brand logo through the screen printing process.

we will print the assembled water bottles with your logo


All finished products will be tested under the highest quality standard to guarantee their performance.

we conduct leakproofness test on different kinds of water bottles

Customize Water Bottles For Business At Low MOQ.