Protein Shaker Bottle

Our Shaker Bottles Mix Your Drinking Easier

With the included spiked mixing ball of 304 stainless steel moves freely around the inside of the bottle, you can mix drink ingredients and breaking-up clumps as you shake. The Beluga shaker bottle of rounded bottom eliminates sharp corners and collection points for unmixed powder to make mixing fully and cleaning easily. On top of all that, we will supply you high-quality protein shaker bottle at 15% -25% lower wholesale prices.

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Interlock Technology

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Leakproof Design

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Dishwasher Safe

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Safety Guaranteed

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Interlock Technology To Improve Applicability

For people who enjoy a habit of fitness, adding a gym trip to their daily routines, they usually want to gain more strength and muscle or keep a fit body with the help of protein powder.

To save your trouble of carrying another bottle of protein powder or the cost of storing your protein at gyms, the Beluga protein shaker bottles prepare a spare bottle which is portable and connected to the main body by interlock technology.

With the 2-in-1 design, it will save you a lot of trouble.

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Clear Dual Measurements

Adopting dual measurements of OZ & ML, the Beluga water bottle will present its capacity simply and efficiently, no matter what kind of measurement your customers prefer.

Moreover,  we highlight the scale area of our water bottle with lucent design to let your customers monitor their water intake directly.

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    Is your bottle BPA free?


    Our water bottles are 1005 BPA-free, mainly made from PP, PE,Tritan which are certified by global certificates .

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    Can you arrange customized pacakge ?

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    What certificates do you have?


Customize Water Bottles For Business At Low MOQ.