Water Bottles

Beluga is a professional water bottle manufacturer and supplier in China, supplying all types of water bottles for various applications.

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Outdoor Water Jug

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Protein Shaker Bottle

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Sport Water Bottle

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Plastic Drink Bottle

100% Customization

As a professional water bottle manufacturing factory, Beluga offers highly customizable solutions for your business.

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There are endless possibilities for product designs. We will bring your creative ideas into reality.

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Pick the color from the Pantone color chart which is global standardized to avoid mistakes.

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We can offer all sizes for all kinds of water bottles your customers may like.

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Beluga offers free logo design for all custom orders, large or small. We care about your business.

Water Bottles People Like Best

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our safe manufacturing to guarantee product safety
safe material to produce your drinking bottles

Our Safety Standards

  • Safe Materials

    Safe products start with safe raw materials from our reliable suppliers. No degraded material or secondary material shall be used.

    To supply water bottles of higher quality and attractive appearance, we only adopt FDA & LFGB certified PP, PE, Tritan, PET, etc.

  • Safe Manufacturing

    A clean workshop and standardized assembly lines are vital to guarantee the manufacturing of safe products.

Stylish Designs To Widen Your Customers' Choices

Due to the fact that Beluga boasts a creative design team, we could bring out more stylish water bottle designs than peer companies.

With years of experiences and study, we fully understand the aesthetic taste and needs of customers in the USA and the European region. Beluga has specially designed different types of bottles for a specific sport, such as football, boxing and bicycling.

Now our water bottles are outshining others on the shelf, and you can learn more with a visit to our gallery​.

our talented designer is sketching a drawing
our huge production capability

Higher Production Capacity

Employing molds that deliver two products at a time, we can greatly improve the production efficiency. Now we can produce more than 10,000pcs water bottles per day, which helps us to deliver your order timely.

Thanks to the capability of stable and fast delivery, Beluga has been trusted by retail giants like Walmart. And we are ready to supply all kinds of superior water bottles for your wholesale business.

Free Value-Added Services

Want your brand stand out? Beluga offers various value-added service for free.

  • Brand Logo Design

    Printing brand logo on your custom water bottles will not only protect your design, but also get your brand known to more people.

  • Colorful Printing

    Creating attractive or memorable visual experience with colorful printed bottles will help you captivate more potential customers.

  • Customized Packaging

    If your targeted customers will buy water bottles for events or as gifts, we can offer customized packaging design to support you.

we turn your idea into a real water bottle
we turn your idea into a real water bottle
we turn your idea into a real water bottle

Customize Water Bottles For Business At Low MOQ.