With a mission to support your business with superior water bottles, our experienced technicians works toward the highest quality standard in the world.

we test all plastic raw materials before production

Raw Material Inspection

We accept and use only superior plastic material certified by FDA and LFGB from well-known suppliers, which can make sure all water bottle manufactured by Beluga will not do harm to people's health.

Moreover, upon receiving the plastic material, we will conduct appearance inspection to eliminate defective material. By doing so, we can deliver all customers products of good quality.

a worker is doing tolerance inspection of bulk water bottles

Tolerance Inspection

At Beluga, we sets tight tolerances for all parts to regulate the whole manufacturing process. By doing so, our water bottle will boast higher leakproofness.

Leakproofness Test

After assembly, we will take 5% samples to conduct leakproofness test to ensure that there is no water leakage. Our workers will turn over the tested water bottles of 80% colored water for 15 hours on a white paper to test if they will leak.

All bottles with defects detected in the process will be weeded out or returned to the previous workshop for troubleshooting.

Some sample water bottles are in leakproofness test
a young worker is inspecting our finished water bottle

Finished Products Inspection

Verify that the scale on the bottle surface has been in line with its exact capacity of each measure to ensure product accuracy.

Inspect the appearance, color and logo printing of each bottle under the same category to make sure all products for the same order keep the uniformity.

Items that pass the final inspection will be packed and shipped.

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